Marriages End - But Does Love?

love marriage poem rumi Oct 20, 2022

Marriages end, certainly. But does love ever really end between two people, even when they’re no longer together? What about the love they gave and received while together? What do you think? I would really like to hear from you, and have included my perspective in poem form. I don’t think love ever dies. I think relationships (however long or short) help lead us back to our wholeness.

Love Unbound

I love myself.
I am worthy.
Just as I am.
My impatience is grand;
my sadness Divine;
my anger perfect.
Every part of me
is utterly

Being first able
to love myself,
I now extend
the same to you.
I love you.
You are worthy.
Just as you are.
Your impatience is grand;
your sadness Divine;
your anger perfect.
Every part of you
is utterly

I pray this prayer
for us both.

I hear it.
I receive it.
I allow it to disarm me.

I trust the Universe
to gently alight
this prayer
on your shoulder,
so that you
may hear it.
So that you
may receive it.
So that you
may allow it
to disarm you.

I want nothing more
than for us to see our wholeness.
Our perfection.
We are the beloveds of the Beloved.
This is the healing.
This is the balm.

This is Rumi’s antidote to the venom.