If you planned to hike Mt. Everest, would you hire a sherpa who had never summited the mountain? I hope not. There’s simply no substitute for experience when it comes to placing your life in another person’s hands.

When you need a guide, it’s imperative to hire someone who has been there. Someone who has traversed a similar path, slipped on the greasy slopes, lost her balance, slid down the mountainside face first, and plunged into the icy waters below. That someone also needs to have picked herself up and retrieved all of her sh*t. Someone who regained her balance and her equanimity, and despite the many and varied challenges, pushed forward and summited.  

This essence has name. It’s called grit. And it’s the most important quality of a wayshower. Not some untested dandy with clean clothes and no falls, who points you in the direction you should go. By yourself. “I’ve heard it’s pretty there.” Really? This is not leadership. This is not a guide. This is a salesperson.

I’m a guide. A wayshower. I’ve gotten to the mountaintop and not by the gondola. I’ve trekked. I’ve sweated. I’ve fallen. I’ve had my face in the mud. I’ve continued when everyone I knew laughed behind my back. I’ve gotten back up time after time after time. I knew I would make it. I just didn’t know “how.”

I’m here to be the “how” for you. I’ve got the experience. You need my grit until you develop enough of your own. And maybe even after thatif the journey is an especially difficult one.

If you want the grit, and the vista from the mountain top (what’s that, you ask? The vista from the mountain top is a life lived from your deepest authenticity). It comes from aligning your actions to your values and purpose. Click the link below to have me consider being your sherpa.

If you’d like to see my CV, and cross-reference my stated skillset, it’s available here.

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